Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed the break...I know I did!! It is good to be back, though!

In math we reviewed fractions, equations and decimals (tenths). The students worked independently while I worked with a small group on some fourth grade objectives; identifying three equivalent fractions for one fraction and putting improper fractions and mixed numbers in order of value from least to greatest. For homework, the children either need to fix or finish an equation worksheet that we began in class. There is also a money worksheet.

We will have a math quiz on Friday. It will cover fractions, probability, equations and money. We will spend the entire week reviewing these concepts and working on tenths and hundredths.

We began reading in the media center with Mrs. Rose. This week we will meet with her daily to do an author study of Shel Silverstein. When we returned to class we discussed the answers to the questions:

What is Poetry?
(A genre that expresses thoughts and feelings in varied forms with a loose structure that allows the writer freedom to create.)

Why do you like poetry?
(funny, makes sense, helps you feel or think differently, like the words, like the topic, etc.)

Then we began investigating the format of a couplet (sets of two lines of poetry where the end words in the lines rhyme) and writing a couplet together as a class.

Following lunch and indoor recess we will discuss using dialogue in our writing. Then we will continue using the story maps we created prior to break to write a realistic fiction piece.

We will end the day with our first lesson in the next science unit which is Plant Growth and Development. Today's lesson will have us look at dry seeds using a magnifying glass.

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