Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

I apologize for the interruption in the blog. Many of you know that I experienced a death in my family. But now it is back to routine...

During math the students began solving two digit by two digit multiplication problems. There is a worksheet for homework.

In reading the children searched for -are words and wrote letters to Mrs. Watkins and Mrs. McAlister for Administrative Assistant's Day which is tomorrow. They also practiced writing couplets. This allowed me time to meet with all three reading groups who began new books today.

Mouse and the Motorcycle (formerly Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm): Read chapter one in group. Reread independently and marked places with a sticky note that included words or phrases that described the hotel. They are expected to reread this chapter, again, for homework tonight.

Jumanji (formerly Sarah, Plain and Tall): Read the first section of Jumanji and completed a vocabulary web for the word slouch. They need to reread this section (which is marked with an orange post-it flag) for homework tonight.

Onion Tears (formerly Journey): Completed a vocabulary web for the word refugee. We will discuss their webs in group to gain an understanding of what a refuggee is. This concept is crucial to the understadning of the book.

Following lunch and recess we will continue using dialogue in our writing of realistic fiction. THen we will finish planting our Wisconsin Fast Plants during science.

Thursday is Take Your CHild to Work Day. THis is an excused absence if you send in a note tomorrow. THere is a letter and form going home this evening.

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