Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hump Day

In math we practiced solving two digit by 2 and 3 digit multiplication problems. There is a worksheet for homework.

In reading we identified the different parts of a poem; title, line stanze (a group of lines), etc. We also idetified different rhyming patterns in poetry. There will be a follow up worksheet for this, too.

Following PE, lunch and recess the children will come back and work on reading group activities and go to FASTT math.

Onion Tears will read and discuss chapter 1. They will also identify character traits for Nam.

Jumanji will read the second section of the book and predict whether the guide will help Judy and Peter.

Mouse will read chapter 2 and discuss the setting of the book.

We will end the day by identifying the needs of our plants and observing them. THen we will work on an Earth Day packet.

Tomorrow is Take Your Child to Work Day. My math class WILL have a quiz on Friday. Movie Night is Friday Night.

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