Thursday, April 30, 2009


This morning we continued to practice solving division problems. We also watched a video to help reinforce the proper procedure. There is a division worksheet for homework tonight. We will have a quiz tomorrow.

In reading we continued working on reading group assignments and writing poetry.

Mouse: Reread chapter 3 (independently) and chapter 4 (with me). They also completed a character trait web on Ralph identifying his traits and details from the text to support those traits.

Jumanji: Pretended they were either Judy or Peter and wrote a letter to a friend retelling the events from the story and how they felt. We began sharing these in group.

Onion Tears: Read and discussed parts of the book in group. Connected Nam's actions to past events in her life to help understand why she behaves the way she does in certain instances. The students worked on writing letters to a friend telling about lonliness.

Following lunch and recess I will model how to further develop the plot of the realistic fiction piece I began on Tuesday by writing the solution. Then the students will work on finishing reading group assignments and writing realistic fiction.

We will end the day with a lesson from Mrs. Howard.

Remember there is a spelling test tomorrow. Spelling homework and reading incentive calendars are due tomorrow, too.

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