Friday, November 21, 2008


Thanks to table points, we have had a rather productive week! I think I speak for the entire class when I say we are ready for the weekend.

Before I run down our day, I want to let you know that we did NOT have a spelling test today. We will have it on Monday. I am losing my voice (ask your child) and did not want to run into the issue of a child thinking I said one word when I had truly said another. I hope this makes sense.

In math we took our final quiz for unit 2. We will complete a review packet on Monday and have our unit 2 assessment on Tuesday. If your child is focused and follow directions, he/she will bring home a completed and corrected review packet on Monday to use for studying for the test on Tuesday.

During reading we reviewed nouns (proper and plural), pronouns and verbs using the morning message. Then we read and discussed this week's issue of Time for Kids.

Following music, lunch and indoor recess we came to the computer lab. In the computer lab we used a program called Pixie to create a document with examples (using "stickers" from the program) of physical and human geographical characteristics. This will be scored.

When we return to the classroom, Mrs. Howard will complete her lesson that she began yesterday. If time permits, we will work on our writing to inform pieces. I am hoping the children will have a final draft of their first piece completed before Thanksgiving.

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