Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And we continue marching along....

Day this still the "honeymoon period" or have I truly lucked out with an incredible class?!?! I am having a blast!!! The children continue to be polite and they seem to be great listeners. They have picked up the class routines with ease which makes my life so much easier. Additionally, the children, as a whole, have wonderful personalities. They seem to get my sense of humor and want to do their best. I can't ask for more than that!

In math today, we continued working on place value and writing numbers in different formats. For example, three hundred twenty six (word format) would be 326 in standard form and 326=300+20+6 in expanded notation. We are working on two and three digit numbers. The children did receive a homework worksheet.

When we got back into homeroom, the students learned about some more expectations, such as using the sign language sign for bathroom if they are raising their hand to go to the bathroom and the issue bin. The issue bin is a poster where students can write questions or "issues" on post-it notes when they need me, but either I am working with a student or small group or it is just not an appropriate time to communicate their thoughts/needs.

After that, the children began writing letters to me telling me at least 2 things about themselves and asking me 1 question they would like to have answered about me. While they were working on that, I continued with my QRI testing (the reading assessment).

Funny story...when I told the class that I would be doing more QRI testing, a child said, "You can do that??? I didn't know teachers could do eye tests." Obviously, she had heard me say I would be doing more "I" was funny...and cute!

This afternoon, I hope we will share the children's letters, I will answer some questions about myself and we will finally create class rules and jobs. There is always so much to do the first few weeks of school and I ALWAYS over-plan!!!

Just a few nuts and bolts...
Every student needs to bring in a $15 check payable to DES for their plastic folder, Time for Kids and their planner. Please put it in an envelope that says TFK/Planner or mark that in the memo section of your check.

Students are expected to read for at least 15 minutes EVERY night...this can be a book, the newspaper, a magazine....whatever!

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Kelly & Jim Brown said...

It sounds like an AWESOME DAY!!!!!! I love this BLOG, it makes it so much easier to keep up.

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