Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 2...

We are off and running...We switched for math today. My math class got through a complete lesson, beginning with a warm up, followed by some direct instruction. Then the children used manipulatives (base ten blocks) to further cement their knowledge. Finally, we practiced with the old pencil/paper/worksheet method...they even got some homework tonight! We are working on place value....using the placement of a digit within a number to determine its value.

We also learned about anchor activities, once we returned to out homeroom. Anchor activities are activities the children can work on when they are finished with the independent work or classwork. The children seemed excited to get started!

They worked very well today and I was able to get some reading assessments in. I will be assessing all of my students to see where they are in their decoding/sight words/reading comprehension, so that I am better able to plan my instruction to meet all of the children's needs.

This afternoon we will create some class rules, identify class jobs and get toknow eachother a bit better. Also, Ms. Jones will stop by to read to the class!

I really am enjoying this group of children...they are well behaved and they seem to enjoy being in school...at least so far!!!!


Cate Goldsborough said...

This blog is a great idea -- thanks for sharing the link!

Dana Holman said...

Yey! I am glad you read it and are enjoying it!

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