Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning the students worked on their Writing Wednesday stories.  Then, after the announcements, we began our social studies lesson.  First, we reviewed the main reasons for creating new colonies in the New England region, as well as, their primary sources to support the economy.  Then, the student worked independently to identify the states, settlements, and economic sources for the Middle region.

Next, we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.  Then, we completed 3 statements about triangles identifying properties that are ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, and NEVER true, to warm up our math brains.  After that, we began our rotations.

During the small group instruction we practiced sorting triangles based on side lengths and angle measurements.  During math with a partner, the children practiced drawing right angles, measuring the second and third angles for each, and writing an equation showing that all three angles equal 180 degrees.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the students used a virtual Geoboard to create the 6 different types of triangles.  Then they took a screenshot of each, and imported it, and a definition, into a Google Slides presentation.

For HOMEWORK the students need to use the link provided on GC - Holman's Homework, to practice classifying triangles.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and recess.

They spent the afternoon working with a substitute, Mrs. Tanzi.  I had to attend an event at my son's school.

First, they used the RACER organization method to write two informational paragraphs answering their Genius Hour question with the research the found.  Then, they worked on their presentations.

Reading HOMEWORK is posted on GC - Holman's Homework.

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