Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thrilling Thursday - Anything but Routine! :-)

With 2 spring concerts and switching lunch and recess with third grade, today was anything but routine!  However, we took advantage of this and used it to redo assignments that didn't meet the criteria and catch up on unfinished work and our Genius Hour project.'s the rundown...

This morning, some students checked in and went directly to the morning concert.  Those who stayed behind worked on solving this week's Thursday puzzles.  After that, I reviewed missing assignments with the students and gave them time to redo or complete them.  As students returned from the morning concert, those who were caught up with their work began working on their Genius Hour research.

Then we went to recess and lunch early.  We switched with third grade to accommodate their PARCC testing schedule.

When we returned to class, we focused on our Genius Hour projects.  First, I modeled developing a genius hour question, identifying sub questions, using search engines to locate facts to answer the questions, citing my sources, and beginning to create a web site to present my information.  This took a while but the students seemed to think it was helpful.

After that, the children worked on their research and some began web sites, as I helped students one-on-one.

At 2:00 we packed up and then went to the afternoon spring concert.

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