Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Terrific Tuesday

Today we switched lunch and recess with the third graders so that they could enjoy WIMS day.  Therefore, we had a shortened math block in order to be ready for recess at 10:20.

We were a bit short handed in math, so we began with a whole group lesson.  Today we practiced identifying and representing triangles using properties of angle measurements and side lengths.  After naming and defining 6 different types of triangles, we practiced using the properties to identify different triangles.  Then, the students watched a Khan Academy lesson about classifying triangles by angles and reviewed the definitions using another web site.  Finally, the students played an online game  to practice classifying triangles.

 For HOMEWORK the children should visit this site to practice classifying triangles based on side lengths and angle measurements.

After math, the children enjoyed lunch and indoor recess (due to WIMS Day).

When we returned to class we began our literacy block.  First we discussed the many tasks that need to be completed between now and the end of the school year.  We also chatted about the need to be responsible and to stay on task.  This has been a struggle recently.

Today's focus, for the students, was to complete the Genius Hour research and their dictionary/glossary for domain specific words.

While the students worked, I began my May informal reading assessments...yes, I am a bit late in doing so.

The day ended with extra recess for the children to celebrate the end of PARCC and make up for the specials they are missing this week due to WIMS Day.

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