Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning the students completed a graded exit card reflecting the history and culture of St. Mary's City.   After that, the students began a science experiment.  Students used 25 toothpicks and 10 gumdrops to prove that matter can change forms without losing mass.

Next, we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.  Then we completed an elapsed time warm up and shared last night's homework.  After that, we began our rotations.

During the whole group instruction we practiced solving a problem involving the measurement of distances.   During math with a partner, the students played a fraction capture game where they claimed squares according to fractions they rolled using dice.  Finally, during the technology rotation the students used two web sites to practice calculating area and perimeter.

For HOMEWORK the students need to calculate the perimeter of the deck from the worksheet we began in group.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and recess.

When they returned to class we began our literacy block.  Before art we did a lesson about the characteristics of technical text.  We read and discussed two documents which named and explained the same components of technical text in different ways.  Then we looked at a set of directions for making an anemometer, an example of technical text, and identified the characteristics making it such.

With only a few minutes left before art, the children completed their introduction for the inquiry project and their definitions and sentences for WTW.

Then they had art with Mr.Cosgrove.

After art, we gathered on the carpet, with Chrome books, and had a whole group writing lesson.  I am continuing to see that students aren't using my models, instruction, and feedback in their writing.  So, today, we began drafting our first reason paragraph together...I explained my thinking and modeled my sentence (one at a time), and then the students wrote a similar sentence.  Then the students wrote their second reason paragraph as I talked them through it but this time I did not model my writing.  It is my hope this will help improve their writing.

HOMEWORK is posted on GC - Holman's Homework.

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