Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday - Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

This morning the students worked on solving our weekly puzzles and then completed a WTW practice activity.  After the announcements we had a writing lesson.  Today we explored how to identify and indent paragraphs using model persuasive essays.  Then the students worked on revising their drafts and publishing their final essays.

Next we switched for math and took a Go Noodle brain break.  Then we completed a warm up focusing on fractions equivalent to 0, 1/2, and 1.  We also reviewed last night's homework.  After that, we began our rotations.

During the small group rotation, we practiced solving word problems involving the addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators.  During math with a partner, the children played a memory game involving the addition of fractions to compose a target fraction.  Finally, during the technology rotation, the students used a web site, posted in GC- Math, to practice identifying equivalent fractions and subtract mixed numbers.

For HOMEWORK the students need to complete problems C and D on the worksheet we began in class.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.  When they returned to class we began our literacy block.

The children worked on finishing the reading formative that we began earlier in the week.  This focused on using a characters actions, words, and thoughts, to make inferences.  After that, they practiced identifying and understanding similes and metaphors using several links provided on GC-Reading.  Finally, they completed their WTW definitions and sentences and a practice activity.

As they worked I met with several individual students and a small group.  The individual students worked on their monthly informal reading assessment.  The small group worked on adding and subtracting fractions when composing or decomposing is necessary.

Next, we had a special mom came int o be a guest reader in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.

After she left we read, and discussed, chapters 22 and 23 of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

Tomorrow is an early release day for the students.

HOMEWORK is posted on GC-Holman's Homework.

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