Friday, January 6, 2017

Fabulous Friday

This morning, before going to music with Ms. Thomson, the children completed their science assignment, explaining how meteorologists forecast and predict the weather.  After science we reviewed yesterday's puzzles and switched for math.

First, we took a Go Noodle brain break.  Then we reviewed last night's homework.  After that, the children took the formative covering 3-digit by 1-digit division.  These have been graded and returned to students.  Look for them in home folders tonight.  :-)  Finally, we solved a couple of long division problems as a whole group.

After math, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

Then we began our literacy block.  I began by explaining, in depth, how they would use their guided reading group text, the markings we made during the week, and our discussions, to identify the main idea and key details and then using those to write a summary.

While I was attending an in-house meeting, the students completed the above task and then finished working on the Columbus origin, destination, and goals, chart, and the science explanation about how meteorologists predict and forecast the weather.

When I returned to class, we had our weekly class meeting.  First, we discussed goal setting, especially the importance of setting small, doable goals and making a plan.  Then the students shared a goal they are going to work towards.  After that, we reviewed the idea of "the dip".  This is what happens when you set a goal and, at first are excited to achieve it, but when you hit a challenge, you want to give up.  Next , we watched a Class Dojo lesson about what to do to climb out of the dip.  We learned we need to self-reflect, notice what we did well, and then determine what we need to do to achieve our goal.

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