Friday, June 5, 2015


This morning, after reading quietly or practicing keyboarding, the students took a math quiz covering the area and perimeter of rectangles.  After the quiz, we reviewed each item and I answered any questions.  These have been scored and returned to students.  Look for them in home folders this evening.

After math we took a Go Noodle brain break.

Then we began our literacy block.

The students began with guided reading group tasks.  Then they took an online word work quiz, which I created using Engrade Pro.  This is an exciting took that can help grade student work.  I can't wait to see how well it worked!!  Next the children finished explain the process of decomposition, suing words and pictures.  Finally, they continued working on their Powtoon presentation for their inquiry issue.

As the children worked, I met with individual students to continue my end of the year, informal, reading assessments.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the students continued working independently, while I completed assessing students.

Side note:  Bad news - I didn't meet with guided reading groups again....Good news - I finished assessing students, so I will meet with groups next week.

Below you will find the independent guided reading groups tasks that the children completed today.

Tigers:  The children reread their new book and listed, or drew pictures of, the main events in the story.

Panthers:  The children read chapter 8 and wrote a summary of it in their RRJ.

Leopards:  The children read chapter 8, marking places that were surprising or confusing.  Then, in their RRJ,  they explained new clues and connections from this chapter.

Lions:  The children read chapters 11 and 12, marking places that were surprising or confusing.  Then, in their RRJ, they explained if any of the children, from the story, are changing and used examples to elaborate their thoughts.

After our literacy block we shared homework writing journal entries.

Then we had a fire drill.

When we returned from the fire drill we had our weekly class meeting.  We began with a group share that allowed students to describe what was on their mind.  After that, we exchanged compliments and thank yous.  Finally, we discussed challenges.

During the challenge section we discussed name calling, and problems during recess involving the game, Knock Out.

At the end of our class meeting, I shared a few activities that I had planned to do next week.  I was seeking ideas, suggestions, and feedback, to help me plan.

Don't forget that we are having an SGA sponsored spirit week next week.  Monday is Maryland Day.

Have a great weekend!!

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