Monday, June 8, 2015

Maryland Monday...The End is Near...Mixed Feelings

Well, today marks the beginning of the end...and, as I told the children, I have mixed feelings!  I won't lie...summer break is filled with long days at the pool and fun weeks at Deep Creek Lake playing on the water.  It's always a good time!!  HOWEVER, this has been a VERY special year and I adore this wonderful group of students, so, I am not quite ready to let them go!  Next Monday will be difficult for me!

Today was also the first spirit day during our end of the year spirit week and it was Maryland Day.

After reading quietly or practicing keyboarding, we changed classroom jobs for the final time this year.  Then I introduced a final project...students will be working collaboratively to create an amusement park.  After assigning groups, the students visited 3 different amusement parks and took notes on admission prices, rides and games, and other facilities at each park.  Then they determined a name for their park, admission prices, and chose a location.

When they weren't working on this task, they met with me, in small group, and represented data by creating a pictograph using a Google Slide presentation.

For HOMEWORK there is an assignment on Google Classroom, the homework page.  The students will watch a lesson and complete a practice activity using two links attached to the post.  There is also a writing journal entry due Friday...I'd love for it to be a reflection of this past year.

Our math block took the entire morning, so we headed to lunch and recess.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, we began our literacy block.

While I met with reading groups, the students worked on guided reading group tasks.  Then they continued working on the Powtoon presentations for their inquiry issue.  After that, they added topics to our Padlet wall that they thought second graders should learn about during Fly Up Day, next Monday.  Next, they began working on a Google Slide activity entitled, Final Thoughts on Third Grade.

Panthers:  We discussed chapters 7 and 8.  First, we talked about how Ms. Granger felt about the word "frindle".  Next, we discussed the consequences of using the word "frindle".  Finally, the children shared their point of view...what did they think about Nick encouraging the use of the word "frindle".

Lions:  We discussed chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12.  First we talked about why the Masons never adopted children.  Then we discussed how the children are changing, particularly Carlie, and why.

Leopards:  We met and talked about chapters 7 and 8.  During our discussion we identified new clues and connections that became apparent in these two chapters.

Tigers:  We met and reviewed their lists of unknown words.

Before heading to music, the students were told to take home their word work journals and their science/social studies journals and keep them there.  I will be sending home materials a little each day to avoid the typical overwhelming, stuffed backpack on the last day of school!  :-)

The children ended their day in music with Mrs. Graf.

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