Monday, August 25, 2014

New Beginnings!

Welcome to third grade at Wilson Wims ES!!!  It has been a historic day opening a brand new school!!

I will update this blog daily.  I do my best to provide an accurate picture of our day.  A warning, though--sometimes you will find spelling, and other, errors in my posts.  Time is limited, so editing gets overlooked often. :-)

On to our day--

The students entered the classroom and began creating their own name tags.  First, they wrote their name in the middle of a large index card.  Next they put the following in each corner of the card; one thing they love, one thing they do not like, something that makes them unique and something they want the class to know about them.

After that, I collected classroom supplies and we set up the students' binders.

Before going to lunch we viewed an orientation presentation for the Google Chrome books.

Following recess, the students received their Google e-mail accounts and passwords, logged into a Chrome book and had a chance to explore!!  You can see a tweet of it by following me at @runnerdana.

Next, we took a tour of the building and began learning about the Wims PBIS behavior expectations.  We learned that we will be a RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE TEAM!!

Then we identified the end of the day routine and practiced it.

Finally, the students went to music.

There is NO homework tonight.

Students should bring their binders home each night and then return them to school the next day.

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