Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 2: We Identify our Quest!

We had a wonderful, busy and productive day!!

Before getting into it, though, I want to let you know about your child's first HOMEWORK assignment.  Each child was given a half sheet of paper, with directions, and a paper lunch bag.  In short, they are to fill the bag with 3 items; one that makes them proud, one that they love and one that reminds them of something they did this summer.  If an item doesn't fit in the paper lunch bag they can take a picture of it.  The bag is due this Thursday, August 28.  We will share the bags over the course of a few days to get to know one another better.  Enjoy!

Now, on to our day...

We began the day reviewing dismissal procedures and creating a class chart of who goes where at the end of the day.  Then we participated in a getting to know you activity involving toilet paper.  Yup, you read that correctly, toilet paper!

Without knowing why, each student took as many squares of TP as they thought they would need.  Then, they were told that they had to share one thing about themselves for each square of toilet paper they took.  We learned a lot about each other--some more than others!  :-)

After that, the students changed their own seats following three instructions; each table had to have both boys and girls, they couldn't sit next to someone they sat next to yesterday and they had to have either 4 or 5 students at their table.

Next we went to lunch and recess.

When the students returned we worked on a class birthday card for Mr. McGee.  Today is his birthday and he loves Quest bars.  SO each class in our school gave him a Quest bar.  Our class created a card and identified a "quest" we would focus on this year.   The children decided that it would be to become the best team at Wims demonstrating respect and responsibility.

After that we began learning about the Daily 5.  The Daily 5 is a literacy structure that ensure students practice reading, writing and word work daily.  Here's a link to the creators' web site for more information.

The lessons we covered today included choosing a gathering place (our colorful carpet), 3 ways to read a book (read the pictures, read the words and retell the story), and identifying appropriate behaviors for one component, "Read to Self". 

During the 3 ways to read a book, we read the story, First Day Jitters, twice...once using the pictures and then using the words.  We identified behaviors we used during both readings and noticed that both required inferencing and thinking.

After that, Mr. Vogel, the Staff Development Teacher at Wims, joined us to introduce us to Google Classroom.  The students joined my literacy class and completed their first assignment online, an interest inventory.  The inventory was a typical beginning of the year activity (favorite hobby, favorite movie, etc), to help me get to know my team of students, but this year they completed it and submitted it to me on line.  So cool!!!

The children ended their day with Mrs. Allaire, in the media center.  They participated in an orientation and checked out books!

As you can see, it was a very busy day!

Remember, homework is due Thursday.  It will be the only homework the students receive this week.

BTW...feel free to leave comments on the blog!  I love seeing that parents are reading it!!  :-)


bzinzi2 said...

Anthony has enjoyed the past 2 days. Do you have a recommendation on a webpage or link where Anthony can practice using the keyboard? Thank you!

Nad wee said...

Thank you for the detailed daily activity blog. Kai was surprised when I asked him about the Toilet paper activity.:-) He loves your class..

Sandeep Khanna said...

Love reading your blog. Truly appreciate the time you take to describe the day in detail. Thank you for engaging us thru this vehicle. Looking forward to the year ahead!

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