Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning, in place or our weekly class meeting, we did an activity to celebrate our strengths.  Each student received a blank piece of paper and wrote their name in the middle.  Then we passed the papers around the classroom and every student wrote one positive strength they see in that person.  By the end of the activity, every student had a paper with their "gifts" identified by each of their classmates.  The students even completed one for me, per their request!

After that, we began our math rotations.  During the teacher led small group instruction, we constructed bar graphs, focusing on choosing an appropriate scale.  Then they created their own bar graph during guided practice.  Finally, students calculated area and perimeter suing the Internet game Shape Surveyor, during the technology rotation.

For HOMEWORK the students need to complete a basic fact half sheet and construct a bar graph worksheet.

After math, I gave the class an opportunity to ask questions and share challenges regarding this week's independent work tasks.

This week's independent work assignment include:
  1. Revise/complete the 3 journal entries about a person/event who inspired the student to make a positive change in their lives.
  2. Read a blog post and then write about the topic, whether the author was writing to inform, share an opinion or express feelings, indicate the author's point of view and identify words or phrases that support the point of view.
  3. Watch a video about making recycled paper and complete a 3-2-1 in their science journal (3 new facts, 2 ideas they want to try, and 1 question they have).
While the children worked independently, I met with reading groups.

Sharks:  We began constructing time lines of Amelia Earhart's life in their RRJs.  For HOMEWORK the students should read for 10 minutes--free choice!

Following lunch and outdoor recess, the students continued working on their weekly assignments as I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  We reviewed compound words and added some words to their word bags.  Then I did a book introduction for our new, nonfiction book, Roadrunners.  Finally, the students whisper read pages 2-7, as I listened in.  For HOMEWORK the children need to reread pages 2-7 and practice their word bag cards.

Cheetahs:  We worked on identifying and decoding words with the pattern /oi/.  Then we did a word chain to practice the short vowel sounds, e, i and u and the digraphs th, ch, and sh.  Finally, we started to review last night's homework but that got cut short due to the band's concert.

We ended the day by enjoying the spring band and strings concert.

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