Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flip Flop Thursday

Since today is our flip flop day, we began with math rotations.

The teacher led small group instruction was different for each group.  One group focused on determining an appropriate scale, for a bar graph, given a set of data.  Another group created a double bar graph using a data chart with displayed 2 sets of information for the same topic.  Finally, the last group reviewed calculating the area and perimeter of rectangular figures.

During guided practice the children chose a task card, displaying a data table, and constructed a bar graph to display the information.

Finally, during the technology rotation, students practice identifying the area and perimeter of figures using the Internet site Shape Surveyor.

We will have a QUIZ tomorrow covering bar graphs, area, perimeter, elapsed time, measurement word problems, and, of course, the basic facts.

For HOMEWORK students should review past quizzes and practice their basic facts using flashcards or Sum Dog.

At the beginning of the reading and writing block, I again went over the expectations for the 3 journal entries.  I emphasized using the model paper to help the students write their own.  I practiced reading portions of the model paper and then restating those selections using my own ideas.

While the students worked on their independent work, I met with small groups.
This week's independent work assignment include:
  1. Revise/complete the 3 journal entries about a person/event who inspired the student to make a positive change in their lives.
  2. Read a blog post and then write about the topic, whether the author was writing to inform, share an opinion or express feelings, indicate the author's point of view and identify words or phrases that support the point of view.
  3. Watch a video about making recycled paper and complete a 3-2-1 in their science journal (3 new facts, 2 ideas they want to try, and 1 question they have).
While the children worked independently, I met with reading groups.

Sharks:  We revisited the portion of the timeline that we did together in group yesterday.  Then the students completed their own time lines by adding the three remaining events, with dates, that we marked in their books.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students continued working independently while I met with more groups.

Dolphins:  We reviewed the vowel followed by a double consonant (think yell, e followed by two l's) and practiced decoding words from their text.  Then the students whisper read the section called guarding the nest and identified new information they learned.

Cheetahs:  The children reread pages 79-83 and we discussed EPCOT.

Pandas:  We discussed chapter 10 and why Tiger went pro.  We also related his turning pro to students challenging themselves in school.

We ended the day by brainstorming what we knew about time lines and questions we wondered about them, too.  Then we viewed a few different types of time lines, including phases of the moon, months to plant various vegetables in Maryland and changes in transportation.

I will be out tomorrow.  The children will take their math quiz, continue working on their independent assignments, meet in reading groups and create time lines of instructional activities they did during each month of this past school year.

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