Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

This morning in math we conquered two digit by two digit multiplication (ex. 52 x 14). I was going to have the students complete a basic fact division sheet independently but the students asked to continue working on the multiplication problems...so, who am I to argue with excitement about learning?!?!! Therefore, we continued working on multiplication. It was a fun day in math!!

BTW...all students will be coming home with the summer math packet today. PLEASE look for it! I encourage you to help your child choose a time each day (or every other day) to work on a few problems. It is much more effective for your child to spend 10 minutes working on it regularly then to cram it all in at the last minute!

We began reading by cleaning out our desks...the students should have their binder, a pencil box, their morning work journal and their math journal. ALL OTHER materials should be coming home tonight. PLEASE clean out backpacks so that there is room to being home the rest later in the week!

After that we prepared to perform for the fourth graders. Just prior to showtime we had a practice code blue/code red drill. Then we performed for the entire fourth grade.

After that, the students worked on a surprise for our fathers. Next was lunch and recess, followed by our final guidance lesson with Mrs. Howard. We ended the day by watching the first half of a fantasy movie called The Balloon Farm.

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