Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost there!

Today marks the last full day of this school year!

This morning we enjoyed our annul SGA Movie Day. We watched The Tale of Despereaux and enjoyed a snack of chips and water. After that, my reading class received their bound book or writing they have published throughout the year. (Thanks Mrs. Sennewald and Mrs. MacFarland!!) They had time to color and illustrate their writing and create a front cover.

Following lunch and recess the students cleaned their desk by playing with shaving cream. Then we had our first "Step Up Day". Each grade level traveled to the next grade levels teacher in order to get a feel for what next year will be like. It was a great experience! After that, the students enjoyed Popsicles (a gift from Mr. Vogel and I) and got yearbook (or paper) signatures from teachers and friends.

I believe, a great day was had by ALL!!!

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