Friday, August 29, 2008


BOy, I am tired! We have had a great week but first week back always zaps my energy! :-)

We had a very productive math class today! After our initial warm up, the children got to peruse their math textbook and learned how to set up their paper when doing problems out of the textbook. Then the children completed some problems practicing writing numbers in standard, word and expanded form. SOme children worked independently while I worked with a small group. We ended with a short formative to see how well they were able to write four digit numbers in expanded form.

Following our reading of the morning message in reading, I read THe Art LEsson by Tomie DePaola and modeled how making connections to text can help us have a deeper understanding of the charachters and plot in a story. Then the children wrote, in the reading response journals, about a connection they made and how it helped their understanding of the story.

Following music, lunch and indoor recess, I will return the children's baseline writing assignment. These will be put in the writing section of their binder and need to be kept there...but I do encourage you to look at it!

Then we will visit the computer lab. We will practice logging on, opening Word, creating a document in Word and saving the document.

If time permits, we will discuss our hobbies and create a symbol for one of our hobbies.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend. DOn't forget to send in a check payable to DES for $15 for your child's planner and Time for Kids subsdcription. Also, keep in mind that Back to School NIght is next Wednesday, 9/3 at 7 pm!

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