Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome to Third Grade...A New Year Begins!!

I am so excited to be back in school and welcoming a new group of awesome students.  Check back here daily for a rundown of how we spent our day!!

This morning students entered the room, checked in, and ordered lunch, using the Promethean board, and then created a name plate with their name in the middle and symbols depicting what they love, what they don't like, what they think is fun, and what they find boring.

After the morning announcements, which were presented via video, we reviewed our schedule and began organizing our supplies.  Many supplies were collected, by me, to be redistributed, as needed, during the year.

Next we established a meeting place, on our colored carpet, learned to "circle up", and got to know each other.  Our first get-to-know-you activity involved toilet paper.  Students passed around a roll and tore off a number of sheets.  Then each student had to share something about themselves for EACH square of toilet paper they had taken.  Some students shared 2-3 tidbits, while others shared as many as 12!!!

After sitting still for so long, we took a Go Noodle brain break.  Then we took a tour of the school.

When we returned to the classroom, I reintroduced our behavior incentive program, Class Dojo, and we listened to the story, First Day Jitters.

Finally, it was was time for the children to enjoy outdoor recess and lunch.

After recess we defined Digital Citizenship and listed class expectations for Chrome Book usage.  Then the students received their assigned Chrome Books and logins.  Once settled, they practiced logging in and signing out of it.

Next the children went to PE with Mr. Benco.

When they returned they downloaded the Google Classroom app.  Then I quickly distributed an "All About Me" bad homework assignment that is due Wednesday.  I will answer any questions about it tomorrow, in class.

Finally, some papers were distributed and we packed up.

The afternoon was hectic.  I plan to review some of the items covered, again, tomorrow.

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