Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thrilling Thursday

On Thursdays our schedule has a slight change.  Math and our special, music, flip-flops.

So,today, our day began with math.  We used it as a catch up day.  Many students completed their Wordle activity from yesterday afternoon.  The rest of the class was introduced to two new iPad apps (Kidgitz and Numbers League)

After going to music Mrs. Benson introduced the idea of point of view using the two photos below.

Then she read the book Crow Boy, by Taro Yashima, and the students, working with partners, identified the main character's point of view (as well as whether they agreed with it) during various points in the story.

Just prior to going to lunch, I introduced the new third grade web site and Edmodo to the group.  Both of these items will be shared with parents on back to school night.

Following lunch and outdoor recess flyers were distributed (it's our monthly flyer distribution day) and homework assigned (place value review worksheet and read for 20 minutes).

Next, I modeled choosing a topic for our good deed personal narrative and completing the actions, thoughts and feelings graphic organizer.  Then students were sent back to their seats with the instruction to analyze their good deed (break it down into actions) and begin charting the actions and their thoughts and feelings during each action.  We will complete this tomorrow in class.

Finally, we ended the day with a social studies lesson.  We began by defining the concept of an American democratic principle and then sorted statements (such as freedom to speak freely) into examples and non-examples of it.

HOMEWORK:  place value worksheet and read for 20 minutes

SPIRIT DAY tomorrow:  wear Damascus colors, attire, etc

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