Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Terrific Tuesday!

The children began their day in art with Mrs. Gribbin-Lindemon.

When they returned to class, Mrs. Benson joined us.  She guided the class through a math lesson while I began informal reading assessments.

In math the students identified and described patterns on an addition table.  They also identified two digit numbers as being odd or even and explained their thinking.  There is an addition table worksheet for homework.

Over the next week or so, I will meet with students, individually, to assess their reading.  Each student will read aloud, orally tell me about the story and then answer a written question.  I will use this data to determine what they already know, and are able to do, and to determine reading groups.

After math, we began our first whole group reading lesson.  I explained that I would be reading a wordless picture book to them.  First we discussed the suffix -less to identify the meaning of wordless.  Next, we explored the concept of an inference.  I explained that we "read" wordless picture books by using our background knowledge and inference skills to create meaning.

Following lunch and recess we practiced making inferences using pictures.  Then we read the wordless picture book, Free Fall, by David Wiesner, using inferencing.  We had a great time exploring the pictured, reviewing previous pages to understand the author's intended story!

Finally, we ended our day with a science lesson.  We defined the idea of personal uniqueness.  Then we read a list of character traits, and their definitions, and discussed examples of how these traits might be displayed.

HOMEWORK:  addition table WS, read for 20 minutes
PLANNER:  $2.75
FOLDER: $1.25

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