Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

This morning the students began their day by going to PE.

When they returned they worked on small group and independent assignments, with the help of Mrs. Benson, while I pulled individual students and conducted informal reading assessments.  The assessments will help guided my planning and instruction.

The students began by working in small groups to create a presentation using the Pages app on the Ipad listing expectations for independent work time.  They were instructed to think about how to get help, where to locate information and what to do when finished with all assigned work.  After their group was done, the children worked independently on an activity where they identified nouns and a cursive worksheet writing the letters "i" and "t'.

After the reading block, I handed out unfinished work folders.  These folders will be kept in their desks and hold any papers they did not complete.  They will be given time daily to work on these tasks.

Next up was math.  We began math with a warm up and used the warm up to identify how knowing that odd + odd= even, even + even = even, and odd + even = odd can help us when adding larger sums.  After that, we reviewed what doubles are (4+4, 5+5, etc.) and identified how knowing the sums of doubles can help us solve other math problems.  For example, if 3=3=6, we can use that to determine that 3+4=7 (think 3+3=6+1=7).  There is a worksheet (adding doubles) for homework.

Following lunch, the children enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

After recess, I took time to answer some of the questions that the children wrote in their journals for morning work.  Then we discussed the concept of collaboration and what is necessary when working in a group to reach a goal.

Then we thought about a time that we did a good deed to help someone.  I shared a personal experience of a time I watched my friends children so she could get her nails done (:-)) and we looked at pictures to help spark ideas.  Following that, the children worked with partners to orally rehearse their ideas in order to prepare for writing.

We ended the day by making personal dictionaries.  The students will be using these dictionaries to list words that I correct in their written assignments.  They will be expected to use the dictionary to correctly spell the words in their writing.

Remember, there is a math worksheet for homework.  Also, if you haven't sent in money for the planner and home folder, please do so soon!

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