Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Career Day

During our morning reading block the children had a chance to participate in Career Day.  They rotated amongst 7 different stations to hear about the responsibilities, requirements and expectations in various jobs including a police officer, a banker, a nurse, an army recruiter and a restaurant owner.  Thanks to Mrs. Howard for organizing such a fun and informative activity!

Before visiting Career Day the children worked on their plays.

After Career Day the students went to math.  My math class took our final assessment for this school year!

After math the children continued working on their Aztec brochures, with many groups beginning to finish up.

After lunch and outdoor recess, the students practiced their plays and worked on completing their scenery, costumes and props.

We will end the day by writing thank you notes for Career Day and finishing the Aztec brochures.

A couple of notes:
Students who ordered yearbooks received them today.
I will be out for my children's graduations on Thursday and Friday.  I will be back on Monday.  There will not be a blog post until Monday.

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