Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!!

Another great day is under way!! WOO HOO!!!!

This morning, in math, we took the pre-assessment for unit 1. The purpose of the pre-assessment is to help guide my planning and instruction. It gives me a chance to see what the students already know, so that I do not bore them (too much!). After taking the pre-assessment, I reviewed the correct answers. Then we identified the difference between a digit and a number. I explained that just as letters go together to make words; digits go together to make numbers. Some letters, a and i, are words, too; some digits are numbers (0-9). The class was devastated (LOL!) that we ran out of time to assign homework.

We began our reading block by discussing our writing focus for this marking period, personal narratives. Then I modeled brainstorming a topic, creating a graphic organizer and writing a rough draft. After that, I began some informal reading testing with individual students. This testing allows me to work one-on-one with each student in order to become acquainted with their learning styles and to determine their current reading instructional level.

During this time, our resource teach, Mrs. Arul, who will be with us daily until 12:45, conducted a lesson on choosing the "right" book for independent reading. She also read a story to the class. Then, the students worked on an All About Me worksheet. This worksheet needs to be kept in their writing section...it will be a useful tool when writing personal narratives this marking period.

After lunch and recess, I will assign some homework...a reading survey. Then Mrs. Howard will visit and do an introductory lesson with the class.

We will end the day by sharing what we know about fingerprinting and reading about the history of it.

Remember...Back to School Night is Thursday, September 2 at 7pm...no worries, the Skins game doesn't start till 10:00 that night...you will be home long before that!! :-)

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