Monday, July 7, 2008


Okay...I have not been good about keeping up with my blogging this summer...sorry! First, I had my computer issues and now I have to negotiate with a certain soon-to-be seven year old to get computer time on MY computer....THE NERVE!

What did you guys do on the 4th? We did very little but Mr. Holman did buy a pack of fireworks and we lit them off at night... we have never done that before and it was a BLAST! We will definitely be making a tradition out of it!

We are planning to take the boys to Hershey Park sometime this month. Michael asks about it almost every day.

Small mishap at the pool yesterday...Jason fell out of his stroller onto the concrete...the paramedics came and checked him over. He is fine. Me? doesn't matter how many stories I am told...I still feel like a bad mother!!! :-(

I have been good about video taping things lately...but that means I haven't been good about taking digital pics. I will try to take some pics this week and post them.

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