Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Career Day

Mrs. Howard created a wonderful experience for the students today! Career Day was PERFECT! The students got to visit two different professions to hear about their job and ask questions. The students travelled to stations and the groups were small. Therefore, the children got a lot of personal attention and great information.

When we returned to class we shared all of the information the children had learned. It was truly a fanatastic learning opportunity! Then the children wrote thank you notes to the people they had visited.

Following lunch and recess we will meet in reading groups and continue writing realistic fiction.

Mouse will read chapter 11. Big Black Dog will meet with me and discuss why the community believes in the big black dog. Wise Children will meet with me and discuss what was right about the children's friendship that allowed it to last even after losing their powers.

We will end the day by reading about the culture in the city of Georgetown.

Poetry projects are due Thursday!

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