Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breathe Deeply... has been a busy, busy day here at DES and tomorrow promises the same! :-)

We began the morning with our regular math class but it was cut short for an MSA practice test. In math we spent some time discussing the importance of VOCABULARY in this unit and I distributed a vocabulary packet to ALL students. The packet is in the math section of their binder. PLEASE make sure it is there and feel free to review vocab words whenever time permits!!! There is a multiplication sheet for homework.

Next we had a practice test for the math portion of MSA. This was to help students feel comfortable with the testing environment. WE will go over the test as a class and identify areas of frustration. I will use this data to drive my pre-MSA instruction.

Before going to lunch we began sharing paper bag book reports. MOST were excellent!!! Those who did not get a chance to share will do so tomorrow.

Following lunch and outdoor (YEY!) recess the students went to the computer lab to take the winter MAP-R. That is the reading assessment that takes place three times a year, in grades 3-5, on the computer. This is one data point that helps drive instruction.

After MAP-R the class will stay in the computer lab and work on their brochures. They need to be completed by tomorrow. Many are not finished and, in all honesty, aren't working wisely. Please ask your child about this!

The registration for the science fair is due tomorrow. There is no school for STUDENTS on Monday. It is a report card preparation day.

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